Sharpen your cyber skills.

Cybersecurity never stops advancing, and neither should you. Our hands-on workshops are designed to advance your skills and deepen your knowledge of cybersecurity concepts.

SecureSet offers both Red Team and Blue Team workshops. Go Red Team and dive into pen testing or go Blue Team and develop your network defense toolkit. Dive into the nitty gritty of the curriculum by scrolling down the page.

Workshops are taught by industry experts who are also experienced in the art of teaching. Benefit from our proven hands-on education model in these advanced and condensed courses.

Workshops are held during evening hours at your local SecureSet campus. There’s no traveling necessary and no interfering with your work schedule. Keep reading to find out which workshop is right for you.

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Blue Team Workshops

Get back to Blue Team basics and develop your network defense skills! Our network defense workshops will teach you the fundamentals of networking as they pertain to a SOC analyst or an in-house network security technician. Attendees will learn how to conduct an investigation of a network intrusion and other security events. Essential elements of these workshops include: Network Security, Incident Response, Cyber Kill Chain, SIEM logging and monitoring.


Intro to Network Defense

Fundamentals of Network Defense


Security Incident and Event Management

Incident and Event Management SIEM


Incident Response

Incident Response




Our graduates leave ready to fill the 300K job openings in the cybersecurity field.


Industry demand exceeds supply by a 2.5 ratio making our graduates highly sought after.


80% of cybersecurity jobs require advanced training. Our programs teach the needed skills.


Red Team Workshops

Develop or polish your pen testing skills and become a better ethical hacker! This is the perfect sequence of workshops for learning basic reconnaissance and attacks using state-of-the-art tools and tradecraft. Students learn the phased approach to reconnoitering and attacking a device. Both passive (open source research) and active (scanning) recon is covered. Essential elements of these workshops include: web services, buffer overflows, phishing attacks and malware creation.


Fundamentals of Pentesting

Fundamentals of Pen Testing


Web App Pentesting

Web App Pen Testing


Advanced Attacks

Advanced Attacks



What is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hackers protect an incredible amount of valuable information and personal data from the cyber criminals that hope to exploit it. While the demand for cybersecurity professionals is growing at an exponential rate, so is the lack of experienced talent. There’s never been a better time to advance your cybersecurity career and contribute to our mission to secure the future.

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